Intro & Beginner Classes

Senior Fitness

Enjoy practicing rhythmic movement patterns that greatly enhance your balance. Strengthen specific parts of the body in order to have full confidence while performing your daily living activities. Equipment supplied.


This progressive mat class will help you feel stronger, taller and more flexible and help prevent injury. With attention given to modify movements for joint sensitivity…this class is suited for all levels. Please bring a cushioned mat and hand towel.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Golden Groove

Move to soft rock, jazz, pop, classical and more … songs that span the decades. Sharpen your hand-eye coordination and balance. Increase both your strength and flexibility. A variety of creative equipment is supplied to make it even more fun.


A dance fitness class which includes 70% Latin based musical rhythms and 30% instructor’s choice. Come join the party!!!

More fitness for the brain….try a music class

This is now—15 years after starting my Pilates teaching…after menopause and other big life changes.  I will never stop practicing this amazing discipline!

From Robyn’s Students

This picture is my husband and I at Machu Picchu, 8,000 ft. above sea level. This was a bucket list item for me. Climbing this area can be very scary. No guard rails, steps that are 3 feet high and very uneven terrain. Then there is the altitude, which can make you light headed and weak. I believe that taking Robyn’s Pilates class for the last year made me physically able to do the trip. I’m 63 years old and feel great. Thanks to Robyn and her great class I climbed Machu Picchu!!!!


I am happy to recommend Robyn Centrella who currently instructs a Pilates class three mornings a week and has been teaching here for the past two years.

She is a serious and dedicated instructor, and her reliability and integrity are above question. She continues to draw a consistent and loyal following and all the feedback that I have received has been very positive as to the benefits gained from taking her class. D.M.

This is a recommendation for Robyn Centrella. Let me describe in detail all the parts of her one hour and twenty minute class at Berkshire Hall in New Hartford. We warm up for 15 minutes with aerobics; we then proceed with free weights and continue with standing Pilates and stretching; we finish with mat Pilates and then relax by stretching again.

Robyn is an excellent instructor because she constantly cues her students and tells the group whether a particular move is ‘beginner,’ ‘intermediate,’ or ‘advanced.’ Robyn goes slowly so that one can recover from each Pilates movement before proceeding to the next. Also, she informs the group as to what part of the body is being worked.

As an added benefit, Robyn is very knowledgeable about her field and provides her clients with printed copies of research on health-related issues. J.H.

Through word of mouth, I have learned about the wonderful Pilates teacher Robyn Centrella in New Hartford. This gave me the incentive to take up Pilates again, and join her class, where I am a student since September. Now I know why all the students who are with her for several years are speaking so highly of her. I have taken Pilates classes before and am able to compare.

Her teaching is of the highest level, her dedication to her students is a total commitment, at the same time she brings so much pleasure and joy while we benefit from the exercises.

Hooked on Robyn’s Pilates. G.B. - Barkhamsted, CT

I have been fortunate to participate in Pilates classes offered by Robyn Centrella over the past two years.  I am an avid outdoors person at the ripe old age of 68, so physical health and stamina are very important to me. Robyn’s skill and knowledge in tailoring the classes to fit the needs of her participants is amazing.  In addition, she voluntarily spends time researching solutions to individual health issues and brings articles and information to class.  In my specific case, under her direction, I improved my overall muscle tone, strengthened my abdominal muscles to the point of losing several inches from my waistline, flattened my buttocks, and increased my stamina.

More difficult to quantify, but equally important, is Robyn’s genuine, caring, personal interest in each member of her classes.  We, as a group, were encouraged to push ourselves to limits we might not have achieved without her kindness and personal attention.

In short, she is extremely talented, knowledgeable, professional, and dependable and would make an invaluable contribution to any organization. B. P.

For over two years I have had the pleasure of having Robyn Centrella as my Pilates instructor. I am 52 years old and through the years have never stuck to any specific exercise routine until I met Robyn. Even though I have tried many types of exercise, including yoga, eventually, I would grow tired of the program and discontinue going. Until Robyn’s class I never felt the benefits of continuing. I would only feel disconnected with the motions.

I can only begin to sing the praises of her instruction methods. She intuitively connects with each one of her students and helps us connect with our body. I have never felt so good about my body and the “power within.” In classes we all have our own weaknesses, and she is very careful to help us, protect ourselves from injury as well as strengthen that which we can. At 52 I feel better about myself than when I was 22. I have never felt so strong and flexible.

Robyn’s talents are a blessing to all of us. I feel so fortunate to be able to go to her classes. For me, the truly amazing fact is that I know I will continue to exercise, and following her training methods, I will continue to enjoy it as well! B.S.

A great way to keep our bodies in tone. Robyn is an amazing leader and knows how to make a difference in how we move. It is also a companionable atmosphere with a good dedicated group. Devere

Robyn is an amazing teacher! She guides us through senior exercise gently, always with a smile on her face and music to help us all to stretch to our abilities. We are very fortunate to have her lead us every week. Gerry

I appreciate this class because it gives a gentle overall workout. All muscles are treated equally. I leave feeling better than when I arrived. Thea

Robyn has helped me reach the ripe age of 93. Her smile and music makes us happy but the movement of arms, legs, etc., makes exercise class a must each week. Joanne

The very best exercise for me after my knee replacement surgery was Robyn’s Pilates class. A very slow and gentle work out of the knee to be done at my own pace. M.C.