Robyn Centrella

Certified Fitness Instructor

About Robyn

Certified Fitness Instructor
Zumba Gold Licensed
Silver Sneakers Flex Instructor
Senior Fitness Specialist

From Robyn’s Clients

Robyn … leads us to be the best we can be

I have virtually no knowledge of Pilates, but a great deal of experience with teachers, and you have shown yourself to be at the very top of a wonderful group of professionals.

Sharing your knowledge of anatomy and physiology as it relates to the activity while we execute, enables mindfulness I have never experienced.

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Robyn Centrella is the best exercise instructor I’ve ever had.

She is incredibly creative and each exercise class is different.  It is also specifically tailored to the needs of the participants.  This creativity combined with the pleasing music she chooses creates an excellent, uplifting effect.

Her natural tact and smiling, upbeat demeanor allow a real sense of community to be established.

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I can’t recall seeing a group of folks having so much FUNNNN…in a long long time

Little did I know that my Chair Pilates leader was also a highly experienced Dance Instructor/Choreographer and was offering a MASTER CLASS in Zumba and stylized movement.

Watching all those primary Pilates ‘moves’ from our Chair Pilates classes being orchestrated and composed into such delightful and joyous dance art was nothing short of unique and amazing!

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Overall, I feel better today than I did … when I started Chair Pilates

Since I’ve been doing Senior Chair Pilates, my 82-year-old creaky, squeaky body works better and faster and I have improved strength.

My knees work better (I have severe osteoarthritis arthritis) and I keep moving my cortisone shots forward every month as I don’t need them. My last shots were in April of 2013.

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Hooked on Robyn’s Pilates

Through word of mouth, I have learned about the wonderful Pilates teacher Robyn Centrella in New Hartford. This gave me the incentive to take up Pilates again, and join her class, where I am a student since September. Now I know why all the students who are with her for several years are speaking so highly of her. I have taken Pilates classes before and am able to compare.

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Robyn is an excellent instructor because she constantly cues her students

This is a recommendation for Robyn Centrella. Let me describe in detail all the parts of her one hour and twenty minute class at Berkshire Hall in New Hartford. We warm up for 15 minutes with aerobics; we then proceed with free weights and continue with standing Pilates and stretching; we finish with mat Pilates and then relax by stretching again.

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Robyn’s skill and knowledge in tailoring the classes to fit the needs of her participants is amazing

I have been fortunate to participate in Pilates classes offered by Robyn Centrella over the past two years. I am an avid outdoors person at the ripe old age of 68, so physical health and stamina are very important to me. Robyn’s skill and knowledge in tailoring the classes to fit the needs of her participants is amazing. In addition, she voluntarily spends time

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I have never felt so good about my body and the “power within”

For over two years I have had the pleasure of having Robyn Centrella as my Pilates instructor. I am 52 years old and through the years have never stuck to any specific exercise routine until I met Robyn. Even though I have tried many types of exercise, including yoga, eventually, I would grow tired of the program and discontinue going. Until Robyn’s class I never felt the benefits of continuing. I would only feel disconnected with the motions.

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